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Come on up to magical, mystical Topanga and meet your Muse in Nature!

Meet ‘Thaddeus’, the Oak Tree that inspired a primary character in Kamakshi’s first solo show, ‘Wild At Hart’, and was so popular she brought him back in her newest show, ‘Resilient AF’! Definitely a crowd fave!

Let the sage-scented breeze take your troubles away, sweeping away any writer’s blocks or nagging thoughts of self-doubt, confusion or resistance to writing your stories.

You will wander in the wild with intention and attention to the whispers of wisdom flowing from the voices of the trees and the birds, animals and wildflowers of the oak woodlands.


In these 3 hours, you will have the opportunity to:

– Get Unplugged! Calm and regulate your nervous system in the healing balm of nature;

– Create, laugh and play with other solo theatre artists in person!;

– Make progress on your writing, wherever you are in your process!

– Receive loving, insightful feedback from Kamakshi and your Soaring Solo tribe;

– Leave feeling inspired, seen, witnessed, celebrated and LOVED for Who You Are and exactly Where You Are on your solo show journey.



Today, did I go to my favorite Starbucks for a writing session?! No, I mixed it up and did a hike and muse cruise up in Topanga. We went outside to get in our insides!! The fifty shades of green trees were my blond latte with an added shot, no need to plug in the computer, just get those feet on Mother Nature’s good earth for a good jolt of creative energy! It was led by award-winning solo artist and nature guide, Kamakshi Hart. And attended by just the folks that were meant to be there together on Feb. 18th. A perfect day! It was truly enough to get the winds of writer’s block blown right out of you!! Thank you Jessica for sponsoring this Soul-O-Saturday! So grateful Kamakshi for your big shining spirit and tree connections!”
– Solo Artist, Jacqui Bowe


“This has started a beautiful new chapter in my life today and I couldn’t have chosen a more talented and supportive group than Soaring Solo.”
– Solo Artist, Tai Carlton


“What a great day. Each person there was such a wonderful gift. Kamakshi thank you for leading us on such an important journey. ”
– Solo Artist, Mitch Feinstein


“This event was so much more than just a hike. Kamakshi gently lead us on a silent walk, encouraging us to be fully present with our beautiful surroundings. As I breathed in the sweet air of nature, my energy immediately shifted to a relaxed calm. Kamakshi ushered us to a majestic clearing with an expansive view of mountains and sea! It was here where we let nature inspire us to write in our journals. I immediately felt like a kid again, free to create and explore as I wrote. Nature must have had a similar effect on the rest of our group because we bonded quickly. Kamakshi guided us in sharing and praising each other’s styles and stories. As with all Soaring Solo events, the respectful rules of only sharing if you feel comfortable, and only praises and questions rather than redirects and critiques, brought out the very best with our group. Somehow, in only 3 hours, a bunch of diversely creative hearts became fast friends. We ended with Kamakshi leading us in an uplifting camp song, leaving my inner-child gleefully playful and my inner-creative extremely satisfied that I’d signed up for this special day in nature. 
– Solo Artist, Carla Delaney


*Please note there are NO CANCELLATIONS or REFUNDS for this event given the level of preparation and curation that goes into it. Thank you for understanding.*



Topanga, CA, USA

Topanga, CA, USA