Direction & Development

“…another show developed and directed beautifully and thoughtfully by the sublime Jessica Lynn Johnson.” 

                                                                                                                                                                -NoHo Arts

Are you ready to finally make your one person show dreams a reality? Have you been letting ideas swirl around in your head for years, yet you haven’t committed any of them to the page?

Or perhaps, you have the opposite problem of accumulating pages and pages of content, yet you cannot seem to organize and edit all of it down into a cohesive script?

Or have you actually written your first full draft, but you feel stuck about how to take on the directorial aspect of things such as staging, lighting, and theatricalizing your show?  Not to mention the fact that it’s never a good idea to direct yourself.

Wherever you are at in your solo journey, Jessica will use her 15+ years of solo theatre expertise to guide you each week with laser focused one on one attention to create the one person play of your dreams.













So, if your intuition is telling you that now is the time for your creativity to manifest into a solo show, then you deserve a Director & Developer (a creative partner in crime) who will be just as passionate about your story and your solo success as you are.

The Soaring Solo Direction & Development Experience is an intimate, ongoing creative collaboration with the sole focus of bringing your story to life on stage.

As your Director & Developer, Jessica will…

-Brainstorm story ideas with you to discover the story you are uniquely meant to tell.

– Work with you to overcome writer’s block so that you no longer stand in the way of your own brilliance and instead learn to let your intuition guide you.

– Teach you the correct way to structure and format your solo script so that you will be taken seriously as a solo artist by industry professionals.

– Help you transform your script into a theatrical, entertaining and dynamic piece of art that jumps off of the page and onto the stage.

– Support you as you process the feelings and fears that inevitably arise when we vulnerably share our stories from stage.  That way, you won’t feel alone. It may be a solo journey, but it does take a tribe to bring it to fruition, and Jessica has your back!

– Conceptualize the technical components of your show such as light, sound, and multimedia, as well as help you select a creative dream team!  As we have all witnessed, if you don’t get the tech part right, even the best scripts fall flat on the stage.

– Proudly promote and market your amazing show on her various social media platforms and personal email list so that someone other 

than your cat actually sees your show!

-Help you scout theaters, festivals, and conferences all over the world to determine the right trajectory for your unique solo touring career.

Jessica will provide all of this and more! The only question is, how high would you like to Soar?

But please understand that the Soaring Solo Direction & Development Experience is not for everyone. You need to be ready and willing to fully commit to yourself and your solo story. Jessica takes your solo career seriously and you need to as well.

So, if you are ALL IN to have this transformational creative experience, then please fill in the form on this page to inquire about Jessica’s rates and availability.