Past Workshops & Events

Jessica Lynn Johnson is the host of a virtual performance of “Love on the Other Side of Death: A Magical Story of Grief, Loss and Joy,” written and performed by Mary Guillermin. Mary initially developed her show by writing about her experience during – and after – her husband John Guillermin’s death in 2015. If you’ve ever wondered if there is life after death, this is the show to see.

Alongside Mary’s unusual experiences surrounding her mother’s and her husband’s deaths, she traces the origins of her own lifelong struggle with depression and the surfacing memories of a past life. After releasing profound grief from this past life, Mary was gifted a final release from the icy hand of depression, and stepped into a life of joy.


The film showing will be followed by a live Q & A on Zoom.

LOVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF DEATH in Riveting Replays Series!