Past Workshops & Events

Join Azo Safo for a zoom reading of her solo show, “I Heart Maroc”!

A lively solo show featuring a mix of wacky characters, multi-media and edutainment, I HEART MAROC will take you on a journey into the lives of rural Moroccans as experienced by Azo, a 24 year old Peace Corps volunteer. Azo goes to Morocco to find her life’s purpose with the wide-eyed, innocent hope of changing in the world “one bitlma at a time.” Instead, she is thrust into a culture she has to figure out with her Armenian-American immigrant sensibilities and a language she is too “Kesoula” to learn – according to her language tutor, Khadija. Taking place during the height of the Bush Administration and worldwide condemnation of the US war in Iraq, Azo has to navigate anti-American sentiment, win over ALL the villagers – including the cranky Sidi Ali – nurture a budding romance with her Moroccan true love, Mohammed, and she has to survive a Moroccan wedding…so she can ultimately save humanity OR find her life’s purpose. It will definitely be one of those two outcomes.


Will Azo get through her two year service in one piece or will she obey her Armenian immigrant mother’s wishes and move back to Glendale to marry an Armenian dentist?

Written and performed by Azo Safo

Directed by and Developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson

Staged Reading of I HEART MAROC on Zoom!