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Aspiring singer Casey Donovan is content to sing back-up when life beckons her to take the lead! Raised to think penny-pinching is practical, this songstress’s stinginess is spilling into unexpected areas of her life. When Casey accidentally stumbles into a new-agey “Bank of the Future”, with vaults filled with conscientious cabaret singers instead of cold cash, she begins to question whether her self-worth is at the root of her net worth. This fast-paced, award-winning comedy features original music, over 40 characters, and multi media music videos with enough retro-camp to harken audiences back to the best days of MTV!
Written and performed by Carla Delaney, directed by and developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson
Critics are singing the praises of Worth It:
“This show is perfection. Carla Delaney is a hilarious and wickedly talented performer. We need warm resonating messages of hope now more than ever and “Worth It!” is most certainly that…in abundance!” ~ Samantha Simmonds Ronceros,

WORTH IT at The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2021!