Past Projects

Described as a “beautiful piece of solo artistry” and a “must-see rollercoaster of emotions, ” this one-woman musical dramedy has 7 original songs and 25 characters. It’s a battle between the main character, Luna,’s Inner Shame and Inner Warrioress to break generational trauma and learn to love. It’s triumph and truth for anyone who’s ever felt lost, alone, or unimportant.


Creator, Playwright, Actor: Lisa Pezik

Director, Developer, Producer: Heather Dowling and Jessica Lynn Johnson of Soaring Solo

Composer, Songwriter: Multi Platinum Composer Drew Lawrence

Running time: 75m

Age suitability: Mature (ages 18+)

Online bookings close one hour before show time. Tickets will be available for sale at the door, unless a performance is sold out.


  • Performance at Hamilton Fringe Festival
  • $12.00 + $1.75 fee
  • 21-July 31, 2022
  • The Players’ Guild of Hamilton

Too Big For Her Britches in Hamilton Ontario Fringe!