Past Projects

“Veronica’s Revelations,” a bra shop, is the location and foundation for this exploration of the wise, whimsical wonders of women and their relationship with their breasts Vernonica has just hired Sammy, a new team member, a young energetic, Social Media guru, to assist with the store. Customers always get honest with Veronica and share personal stories with the shop-owner, divulging their truths about everything from nursing to cleavage to loss. While training Sammy, Veronica explains not only the b ras, but the customers who wear them. The show leaves audiences with a smile and deeper insight into the beautiful, painful, hilarious, and moving experience of living with breasts. The evening culminates with a frank discussion of women’s issues with the audience. Written & performed by Sonia Jackson. Directed & developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson. Produced by Visions of Possibilities.

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls in The Binge Fringe Festival of FREE Theatre!