Past Projects

To breed or not to breed: that is the question Joyful Raven wrestles with in her new solo show. Blending standup and storytelling, Raven recounts her difficult reproductive “choices ” and contends with her primal baby making instincts. Should she surrender to the role of weird aunty OR should she start a GoFundMe to freeze her geriatric eggs? With her breeding window rapidly shrinking, she reflects on her abortions, the father of her abortions and the complexity of modern womanhood. Come for the laughs and stay for the sex education…in case you forgot how babies were made.

– “Raven is a wildly talented and truthful performer…using skillful impersonations and amazing physical comedy…” – Theater is Easy NYC

– “This piece was extraordinary! I laughed, I cried… I’ve never had the experience of sobbing and laughing simultaneously. That was real magic!” Laura Prives, KPFA Oakland, CA

– “I love every part of this show. So vulnerable, real, authentic, and masterfully humorous” – Mina Matin

– “It was truly marvelous… funny throughout, and tempered with deep heart-wrenching moments that pull you in… It was the highlight of the festival so far for me. – Bob Doran, Lost Coast Journal

– “This show does what theatre is meant to do.” – Joani Rose, Actor and Writer

BREED OR BUST at Hollywood Fringe 2022!