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Soaring Solo is a monthly blog dedicated solely to the genre of solo theatre. Every month the blog will offer new tips, tricks and techniques to support aspiring solo artists as they take their solo shows to new levels of success. These entries are written by Soaring Solo Studios Founder and CEO, Jessica Lynn Johnson.

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The Book of Estrogenius 2008

Jessica’s 1st solo show Oblivious to Everyone was published in The Book of Estrogenius 2008, and is a 1 woman, 10 character dramedy centering around Carrie, a media junkie, who has developed multiple personalities due to her unhealthy obsession with American pop-culture. Rapidly flipping identities like TV stations, this LA bombshell grapples with issues of homophobia, sexism, racism, and materialism. Johnson uses comedy as a means to examine the influential stereotypes, prejudices, and pressures prevalent in American media.

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Love, Always

In addition to her playwriting, Jessica was also a contributing writer in the book Love, Always, published by Transgress Press. It is the first collection of writings by partners of trans people exploring the impact of gender transitioning on their relationships and families. As media visibility of trans people rises, so does the need to hear from their loved ones who also go through transformations of their own when their partners transition.

In moving testimonies of trial and triumph, partners voice their feelings about their partner’s gender transition and its effects on a range of issues, including childrearing, sexual intimacy, shifting relationship dynamics, public disclosure, finances and more. These personal testimonies of resilient love and commitment are a refreshing alternative to the narratives of tragedy and loss encountered so often of trans people in the media.

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