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This piece peels back the façade of showmanship and personifies what happens when a man must confront the many parts of himself in order to realize his purpose for living. When he tries to uncover this purpose, he is tossed into the throws of depression, and suicidal ideation, and must figure out if it’s all worth it before the clock runs out. A Storyteller broken into pieces. If you had the chance to peer inside the mind of an artist on the brink of disaster… would you do it?

Join us for the virtual reading of The Sad Life of a Happy Man as part of the Soaring Solo REVEALED Online Series and share your insights as Ty prepares his solo script for his upcoming World Premiere! Please note that donations of any size are deeply appreciated and will go directly towards the various production costs associated with this show. Donations can be made when you reserve your virtual ticket on Eventbrite. Thank you!


Christion Ty Edwards (He/His) is an alum of James Madison University’s School Of Theatre And Dance, where he majored in Theatre Studies and Performance, with minors in Music and Dance. Christion is an actor, director, singer, physical theatre artist, mask and clown performer, and teaching artist. Forever a student, Christion is a candidate for certification in Voice Body Connection, the VanBoxtel Method of teaching singers, SSN Transform, Yoga and Meditation teacher training, and constantly strives to better his artistry with training in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as Consent and Trauma-Informed creative practices. Later this year, Christion plans to debut his one-man show, The Sad Life Of A Happy Man, at the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles. Previous credits include: STAGE: Keegan Theatre; Shakespeare In Love (Peter), Flying V Theatre; The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dr. Scott), Forbes Center for the Performing Arts; Equus (Harry Dalton). Southern Appalachian Historical Association; Horn in The West (Rev. Sims). FILM: Foreign Mindset Productions; Coffee & Yellow Roses (Thad), J. Cubed Productions; Sharp Dressed Men (Mitch).

THE SAD LIFE OF A HAPPY MAN in the REVEALED Virtual Reading Series!