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Soaring Solo Studios presents SOLO LAB, workshops FOR Solo Artists BY Solo Artists. This 90 minute SOLO LAB focuses on multimedia, marketing & videography.
Join Mary Lou and Justin Sandler, Solo Artists from within the Soaring Solo Community, and the Founders of 3 cubed studios for a special workshop where they’ll share their passion and expertise on creating captivating multimedia for solo shows, marketing with eye-catching fliers and posters, making the best out of filming shows, and promoting with video trailers.
3 cubed studios is a dynamic film and photography studio dedicated to creating high-quality cinematic experiences. Founded in 2011 by award-winning filmmakers Mary Lou Sandler and Justin Sandler, the studio specializes in producing heartfelt and inspiring content. With a commitment to storytelling and visual excellence, 3 cubed studios offers a full spectrum of production services, including photography, cinematography, filming, and editing.

A bit more about your Soaring Solo SOLO LAB workshop teachers!
Mary Lou Sandler is a versatile artist with extensive experience in acting, photography, cinematography, and filmmaking. After a successful career behind the scenes, she reignited her passion for acting and returned to the stage and screen. Mary Lou is dedicated to inspiring and empowering women through the arts, and her work reflects authenticity and emotional depth. She has also published “The Beard Book,” a photography book benefiting breast and testicular cancer charities.
Justin Sandler is a multi-talented filmmaker and actor with a deep love for storytelling. His extensive experience encompasses directing, producing, acting, and editing. Justin is known for his innovative approach to filmmaking and his ability to create compelling narratives. He is a cancer survivor and has shared his journey through his one-man show “Embrace Love Free,” which he wrote & performed, and was developed with & directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson. Justin has performed at various festivals, including the Whitefire Theatre’s SoloFest and the Santa Monica Binge Fringe Festival. Justin is also an inspirational speaker, having delivered TEDx talks on overcoming obstacles.
Achievements and Collaborations:
3 cubed studios has a rich history of collaborating with solo shows and festivals. Their award-winning film, “Welcome to Where You’ve Always Been,” has appeared in numerous festivals and won several awards, including Best Short and Best Actor. The studio provides top-notch artistic support to elevate solo theatre performances, catering to all aspects of production from graphic design to filming and editing.
At 3 cubed studios, we believe in the power of collaboration and the magic of storytelling. Our mission is to produce films that inspire, entertain, and leave a lasting impact on viewers. We are committed to developing and advocating for charity projects that activate, elevate, and heal through the arts.

Tuition for this workshop is just $29 and is non refundable & there is no cancellation for this event. We will be recording this workshop, so if you can not attend LIVE, you will receive the recording later to view.

Soaring Solo Presents SOLO LAB: Multimedia & Marketing for Your Solo Show