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The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre presents Hot Off the Press at the Whitefire Theatre May 23rd at 7:30 PM hosted by Juliette Jeffers and Jessica Lynn Johnson.

The evening will feature raffle prizes and excerpt readings of new solo shows featuring Yvette Cason, Alma Collins and Roxana Ortega!

Tix are $10 and proceeds go to the LA Women’s Theatre Festival and can be purchased at or exact cash at the door.

Join us for the following pieces….


A daughter recounts her generational relationship with her mother and grandmother and how being an ultimate caretaker for her mother both challenged and healed their role reversal relationship.


SELF-ISH! by Roxana Ortega

An ambitious Latina actress accepts the role of a lifetime when she decides to care for her mother with Alzheimer’s and in doing so she must face her ultimate fear: Will loving her mother mean losing her own dreams?! Her journey takes her through the world of elder care, the opera and even Africa and ultimately teaches her that it is possible to balance caring for her mother and caring for herself.

Self-ish! is a funny, heart-wrenching, beautiful ride about letting go of guilt, fears and cultural expectations and finding a balance between sacrifice and self-love.



REAL AS IT CAN BE by Yvette Cason

Musician, actress and now empty nester, Yvette takes us on a personal and funny journey from childhood to adulthood. She discovers that life doesn’t always turn out like we planned.

LAWTF’S Hot Off The Press!!


Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Whitefire Theatre

13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA