Past Projects

“Know your worth, then add tax” ~ Anonymous
On the heels of Carla Delaney’s masterful one woman show “Voices” comes her newest offering about abundance and scarcity. Casey Donovan is a capable songstress content to sing back-up when life begs her to take the lead! Raised to think penny-pinching is practical, her stinginess is spilling into more important areas of her life. When Casey accidentally stumbles into a new-agey “Bank of the Future”, with vaults filled with cabaret singers instead of cash, she begins to question whether her self-worth is at the root of her net worth.


Live-streaming from Whitefire Theatre as an Official Selection of SOLOFEST 2021.

Written & Performed by Carla Delaney

Directed by & Developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson

Graphic Design by Jannica Olin

Technical Direction by Brandon Loeser

Lighting Design by Derrick McDaniel

Executive Producers Nancy Santiago & Bryan Rasmussen

WORTH IT live-streaming in SOLOFEST 2021!


Live-streaming from the Whitefire Theatre!