Past Projects

Award winning solo artist, Carla Delaney, inspired the creation of the first ever BFF Binge Festival of Free Theater at the Santa Monica Playhouse six years ago, when Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo, artistic directors of the Playhouse, caught a performance of her acclaimed first solo show. Now Carla is BACK with a powerfully inventive story about liberating limiting beliefs and joyfully singing the praises of self worth! In this fast-paced musical comedy, aspiring singer Casey is content to sing back-up when life beckons her to take the lead! When she stumbles into a modern “Back of the Future” the audience is taken on a wild ride through the help of an unpredictable pair of virtual reality googles! Toggling back and forth on the timeline of Casey’s life, she begins to wonder whether her self-worth is at the root of her modest net worth. Awarded “Best of Fest” at The Whitefire Theatre’s 2021 SoloFest and nominated for “Best Digital Innovation” at The Hollywood Fringe Festival, this show is
Jam packed with original music, over 40 characters, and multi-media music videos harkening back to the best days of MTV. The math adds up! WORTH IT equals success!


“This show is perfection. Carla Delaney is hilarious and a wickedly talented performer. We need warm resonating messages of hope now more than ever and “Worth It!” is most certainly that…in abundance!”
~ Samantha Simmonds Ronceros,


“Worth It stands out as a funny commentary on the invasiveness of modern technology. Delaney, a gifted light comedian, should work more in front of the camera. Funny and original, she’s a talent who deserves attention.”

~ Ethlie Ann Vare, TheHollywoodTimes.Today

WORTH IT in The Binge Fringe Festival of FREE theatre at Santa Monica Playhouse!