Past Projects

Watch the critically-acclaimed performance and dive into the workshop that will highlight personal healing, how to cope in a trauma-filled world AND give you tools to manage the holiday season! 

The holidays can bring joy and uncomfortable emotions and stress. It may be family triggers, feeling alone or the fall-out from overindulging and spending. It can be grief from loss of loved ones, such as my father passed in March and this is the first holiday season he will be gone. You are not alone. There is help and there is hope. There is relief and healing when we share and hear each other’s stories.

‘WILD AT HART works very well on the streaming platform, in no small part because of Kamakshi’s astonishing portrayal of her life. That she ultimately rises above the stigma of her past is a tribute to the human capacity to hope.’    -Splash Magazine

Workshop on Zoom immediately to follow. Two hours total.
Sensitive material is presented. For mid-teen and up. 

WILD AT HART streaming + Online Workshop