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“A true image of beauty.  Kamakshi Hart has a beautiful voice, whether chanting her mantra or singing out show tunes. Her story, although full of pain and trauma, is told so beautifully that the audience can’t help but be uplifted by her unquenchable spirit and her ability to triumph over that tragedy…We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to take the journey with her and to be able to apply it to our own personal battles.”  – Robert Leggett, LA Music Critic

“The show is transformational. It is brave and heartfelt, honest and hilarious, knowing and knowable. It is far more us too than me too.

This show is performed from time to time and I can only urge you to see it if you can,  it will change you…in a good way.” – Samantha Simmons-Ronceros, Noho Arts

Honored at the Hollywood Fringe with an Encore Producer’s Award and the Award for Musical Excellence, Wild At Hart deeply engages the audience while striking a timely, powerful chord for all ages and genders. A sexual trauma survivor’s sojourn from suffering to sovereignty, this is a story of triumph over the ravages of childhood trauma, teen rape, depression, violence, and abusive relationships. Moving and miraculous, Kamakshi’s wide range of talent is showcased through her performance of over 20 characters and the songs that masterfully tell her personal tale of transformation.
Kamakshi Hart vividly tells her story of how she found the ways to survive, heal and rise above traumatic events that began in early childhood.

Aligning with today’s redefining social initiatives, such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, Kamakshi shares her story to initiate enlightened conversations that will stimulate real cultural change and transformation. Through her courageous narrative, Kamakshi illuminates the value of telling our stories and the grace of healing that comes when we are truly heard. Through our shared vulnerability we can be restored to belonging and develop the empathy needed to heal together as a community of souls no matter our gender or cultural inheritance.

Her show is for mid-teens and up. If you are bringing your teen, please be with them and be prepared for a frank and open conversation with them about the subject matter.

Kamakshi Hart, M.A., Spiritual Psychology, is a master guide, counselor and facilitator. Her life’s work is to help others heal and transform the issues that get in the way of healthy relationships and meaningful purpose. Her earlier career in New York Theatre introduced her to the impact of one-person shows that inspired her to one day write and perform her own. Thirty years later she met Yours Truly and while in the early phase of writing, the #MeToo stories hit the media.



Santa Monica Playhouse
1211 4th St, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Santa Monica Playhouse

1211 4th St, Santa Monica, CA, USA