Past Projects

A one woman musical journey about self love and breaking generational abuse.

Told through the eyes of the main character, Luna, it’s a battle between her Inner Shame and Inner Warrioress to step into her big britches and stop trying to make herself smaller to be loved. After a barrage of text messages from her mother, and almost being wiped out by a transport truck, Luna finds herself questioning everything about her life and how she got there.

Journey through her life of heartbreak, bullying, eating disorders, mental health, and coming out of the darkness of generational trauma and toxic mothering to finding her light.

Content note: Possibly disturbing material that includes self harm, suicide, sexual violence and a few F bombs.

Note from the playwright and actor: It’s important to me for every audience member to feel loved, represented, and seen. Accessibility and Diversity Inclusive options include:


TOO BIG FOR HER BRITCHES at Hollywood Fringe 2022!