Past Projects

20 years ago Professor X received a phone call that changed his life… Today we join Professor X in his entertaining master class of finding the hero within. A cross between Mr. Rogers and a Drill Sergeant; Professor X will lead us on a journey back in time to pay tribute to the teachers and events that built him. He promises a wild ride of adventure and stories about the life of a special education kid named Johnny Boy, who cultivates and nourishes his roots to grow to become a teacher and a hero to fight for his students’ future! Together they encourage each other to find their own voice….support one another and use their brains in an Unorthodox method becoming Champions in life’s Journey of Self-Awareness – ”May The Odds be Ever In Your Favor”.

Written & Performed by Johnny Avila
Developed with and directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

THE WHISTLEBLOWER in The Hollywood Fringe Festival