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A “yogi” is not a skinny woman in Lululemon, but someone who renounces worldly life in pursuit of truth. Embark on a journey with Mayuri and the Goddess of Death, Kali, as they investigate absurdities of Western Yoga culture. As a yoga professor, Mayuri finds herself in a twisty identity crisis as she navigates teaching a practice that’s supposed to be her “thing”. What can her purpose be beyond educating people about yoga? Will the formidable Goddess Kali clear her path? Through a unique blend of dance, dramedy, and poetry, The Anti “Yogi” gives a much needed voice to Yoga, calling out its recolonization in the West and nationalization in the East. This show peels back the yoga mat to reveal the true ethos of Yoga.

“THE ANTI “YOGI” Hollywood Fringe Festival

Event Dates:

Saturday, June 08, 20244:45 pm Pacific
6:45 pm Central
7:45 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 16, 20246:30 pm Pacific
8:30 pm Central
9:30 pm Eastern
Thursday, June 20, 20247:00 pm Pacific
9:00 pm Central
10:00 pm Eastern


7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046