Past Projects

Hello there!

Please join Dana Lynn and Jessica Lynn Johnson for a table reading of Transcending the Mirror on Zoom this Sunday the 29th at 3pm PST.

This music-filled solo show is about a queer woman’s quest to find love and belonging despite her own reflection (synopsis below). The show itself is a little over an hour and we look forward to getting your highly valued feedback afterwards.

IN ORDER TO PARTAKE IN THIS ENTERTAINING TRANSFORMATION, YOU MUST EMAIL:  AND ASK FOR THE ZOOM MEETING LINK. Upon receiving your email, a cute little troll will reply back in a timely manner with everything you need to tune in!

Oh, and we look forward to seeing what color your sweatpants are.


A Queer woman’s nitty gritty, up-close and personal musical experience of her search to find her own tribe.  After years of failed romantic relationships with cis women and identifying purely as a “lesbian,” she decides to partner with a transgender woman. As she experiences the trans community along with her girlfriend’s transition itself, she is forced to question not only her own sexuality, but what it ultimately means to belong and truly look at herself in that damn mirror. This is a timely and unique LGBTQ journey of true transcendence.

Table Read For: Transcending the Mirror