Past Projects

REVEALED Virtual Reading Series Presents: SUPERNOVA A Mental Health Musical Comedy

BE THE FIRST EVER to witness my one woman, mental health musical comedy before it goes on tour in December! This is a 100% DONATION based VIRTUAL reading, part of Soaring Solo Studios REVEALED series with host Jessica Lynn Johnson (one of the top companies and solo theatre artists and teachers in the country! Due to the subject matter, the Q & A afterward is so necessary and appreciated, giving you and others an opportunity to express your feedback.

This subject matters to me as I have personally been impacted by 3 brothers, a grandfather, and friends who’ve died by suicide and as an artist I feel using art to explore these very real aspects of life experience has the capacity to bring community together and heal through the music, comedy, and dance. I also feel there’s a gap in understanding how to communicate and contribute to those suffering. My musical aims to bridge that gap.

Mental Health impacts everyone differently, and research suggests the best approach to this topic is focusing on HOPE. Through funk/pop/r&b and satire I aim open up a conversation and transform the current stigma around mental health.

Please join me as we delve deep into the human experience and feel together that even amidst the darkest of moments, there’s always hope and better days to come. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind show, right from the comfort of your own home!

“SUPERNOVA” in the REVEALED Virtual Reading Series!