Upcoming Solo Shows

Multiple Moth StorySlam winner, Micheal-David Ker shares true life hilarious cringy shame stories, along with one special guest storyteller that were embarrassing at the time, but now get to be transmuted into beautiful & entertaining golden stories that are cathartic for both the Storyteller and the listener.


Event Dates:

Sunday, June 09, 20244:00 pm Pacific
6:00 pm Central
7:00 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 16, 20248:00 pm Pacific
10:00 pm Central
11:00 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 23, 20245:00 pm Pacific
7:00 pm Central
8:00 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 23, 20247:30 pm Pacific
9:30 pm Central
10:30 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 30, 202411:00 am Pacific
1:00 pm Central
2:00 pm Eastern


916 N.Formosa Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046