Past Projects

“PostPardon Me,” is a one-woman seriocomedy written and performed by Liesel Hlista.

“PostPardon Me” follows a new mom, Liesel, through her surprising postpartum journey deep into the trenches of toddlerhood. Given the privilege of raising a tiny human, with less required testing than she got at the DMV. Liesel is writing her own manual that can help her brave the storm of trying to raise a child, maintain her marriage and attempt not to be a complete hot mess on the daily.

With brutal honesty, hilarity and a bit of song, “PostPardon Me, breaks down the taboos of being a new mommy and tells it like it is. This shit is cray, like literal shit…so much shit. Through so many diapers and so few showers, Liesel Hlista is out to save the world, one vagina at a time.

This 80 minute rollercoaster ride through mommy life, a postpartum journey, fertility struggles and rebirth. Trigger warnings for pregnancy and infertility. Directed by and Developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson.

LIVE performance 2/17


POSTPARDON ME in SoloFest 2022!