Past Projects

Told through the bold perspective of a vivacious drag queen named Tanvi, Naturally Tan follows Tanya Thomas’ desperation to fit in as a minority in Singapore and her search for acceptance in America.
Fueled by assimilation pains, Tanya delves into the heart of colorism that plagues the Asian diaspora, the complexities of racial identity, and the consequences of damaging beauty standards.
Will Tanya hide behind her insecurities forever or will she embody her worth as a woman of color, mother, and artist?
Naturally Tan is a one-woman seriocomic play written and performed by Tanya Thomas, with direction and development by Jessica Lynn Johnson. It is an official selection of the 10th Anniversary of SoloFest 2021.
Written and Performed by Tanya Thomas
Directed & Developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson
Graphic Design by Serina Morris
Illustration by Dirty Eraser
Photography by Cameron Jordan
Technical Direction by Brandon Loeser
Lighting Design by Derrick McDaniel
Exective Producers Nancy Santiago & Bryan Rasmussen

NATURALLY TAN live-streaming in Solofest 2021!