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Welcome to the funniest show about death you’ve ever seen! Sam takes you through the loss of his father from the perspective of his 15-year-old, capri-sun chugging, firework-exploding, husky self. Follow Sam as he tags along with his dad to his AA meetings, runs away on his skateboard with nothing but a backpack and his dreams, and escapes from quicksand (literally!).

What are audiences saying about this show?

“Sam is an engaging and likable performer and his goofy stand-up persona is to the fore in this extended monologue. The audience I was part of were on his side throughout and hung on every word.”

“Sam had everybody laughing almost the entire time if we weren’t laughing it was because his story also brought me to tears.”

“Sam is one of the most likable performers I have had the fortune of seeing. His natural and easy-going delivery allows him to seamlessly transfer back and forth from emotional admission to hilarious punchline with just a slight shift in his tone. Sam is ALL heart, and this show is both touching and hauntingly hilarious.”

“A funny, heart warming experience that finds humor in dark places.”

About Sam
Sam Jae is a comedy writer and performer born and raised in Southern California. He has written numerous television pilots for screenwriting competitions, and his pilot “Man of The House” was selected as a finalist for Im A Pilot, a live staging show at the Pack Theater. His comedy videos have been featured on Funny or Die and Comedy Cupcake. He has appeared in San Francisco Sketch Fest and Austin Sketch Festival. You can see Sam perform monthly in Los Angeles with his sketch comedy team Behemoth at The Pack Theater. Sam was also featured in a web show called Neil Patrick And Harris which appeared on Elizabeth Banks’ comedy network WhoHaHa and has played in multiple film festivals around the US.

Follow the show at  instagram.com/mydeaddadtheshow/?igshid=NmE0MzVhZDY%3D

about the festival 
A Santa Monica Playhouse BFF Binge Fringe Festival of FREE Theatre – the sixth annual Santa Monica Fringe Festival – a month long event featuring a host of productions and workshops – celebrating the idea that theatre arts experiences are vital, transformative, and must be available for all. All bets are off, limits on boundaries and form are wide open, and all events are free to the public. Made possible in part by generous grants from the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission and Playhouse PALS.


Event Dates:

Friday, October 20, 20239:00 pm


The Other Space (at Santa Monica Playhouse)
1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA

The Other Space (at Santa Monica Playhouse)

1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA