Past Projects

Join us for this SCRIPT READING to lend your feedback on the final draft of Lisa Needham’s solo show, ‘MY BEAUTIFUL MIDLIFE CRISIS’. There will be a Q & A discussion after the reading.

‘MY BEAUTIFUL MIDLIFE CRISIS’ is the story of a woman who undergoes a spiritual crisis after experiencing a sudden Kundalini awakening. This calamitous event hurls her deep into the “Dark Night of the Soul”, more commonly referred to as a Mid-Life Crisis, forcing her to confront the disguise she’s been hiding behind for most of her life. She begins the courageous journey of befriending the imposter behind the mask in order to find the truth of who she is, and discovers she’s no longer willing to be defined by her past or her assumed roles. Will she risk it all for a chance at the largeness of life to which she feels she is being summoned?

*ALL DONATIONS go toward the theater rental at The Hudson Theaters in Los Angeles for the full live production on December 4, 2022. Thank you!

*A ZOOM LINK will be emailed to you the night before this reading.

My Beautiful Midlife Crisis in the REVEALED Virtual Reading Series!