Past Projects

Ma’s Kitchen premiered to a sold out audience in February 2020, and has been invited back to perform an encore performance for Best Of Fest, Solofest at The Whitefire Theatre 2020!

Ma’s Kitchen is a heartfelt one woman dramedy, narrated by a bold Italian mother who invites youto her dinner party to celebrate her very dramatic daughter, “Mary.” As “Mama” makes her secret sauce, she shares ingredients for a flavorful life, as well as many delicious stories with her dinner guests – you the audience! “Mama” stirs the pot as she explores themes of marriage, motherhood, miscarriage, the catholic church, career, family secrets/dynamics, love and loss. This 80 minute solo show will feature multimedia, multiple characters, and just a pinch of juicy secrets.

“I loved “Ma’s Kitchen.” It’s a triumph of a solo show, an homage to the strength and tenderness that exhists in all of us. It’s a deeply personal piece, full of nuance and pathos and heartache. It’s also absolutely hilarious and beautifully paced.” -Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

Written & Performed by Maeria Paez

Directed by & Developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson