Past Projects

LEAVING PRINCE CHARMING is a one woman show written & performed by Lara Repko with Direction & Development by Jessica Lynn Johnson set to premiere in the largest solo theatre festival on the West Coast, Whitefire Theatre’s SOLOFEST 2019.

21-year-old Lara is looking for love. One day she stumbles (or rather, swipes) upon a handsome young man with a mop of dark hair and a goofy grin. Lara grows bewitched as he treats her like royalty.

But one day, he doesn’t. Suddenly, the magic begins to fade and Lara wonders if her prince is really a frog. It isn’t until Lara falls deeper under his spell that she realizes this fairytale isn’t what she thought it would be. Will this beauty stay with the beast? Or can she break the spell by midnight?

Follow an unorthodox fairy godmother as she travels down the rabbit hole of intimate partner abuse, brainwashing, and trauma bonding. This isn’t a story about what love is, but a story about what love is not.

A one-woman serio-comedy told through multimedia and fifteen unique characters, “Leaving Prince Charming” is an unconventional fairytale of one damsels journey to a different kind of Happily Ever After.

Technical design by Brandon Loeser.

Festival Producers Nancy Santiago & Bryan Rasmussen

LEAVING PRINCE CHARMING in Solofest at Whitefire Theatre!


Whitefire Theatre, Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Whitefire Theatre, Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA