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Reveal the secrets of a nice family in a small town in the 1990s rural American South. A gripping mystery unfolds as writer and comedian Paulina Combow invites audiences on a suspenseful journey of self-discovery in “Adopted by Appalachians.” Echoes of noir detective novels and true crime thrillers permeate this one-person show, as Paulina employs her sharp investigative skills, borrowed from a childhood shaped by a parent in law enforcement and an obsession with legendary detectives like Poirot, J.B. Fletcher, and the enigmatic FBI Agents Mulder and Scully.

The curtain rises on a chilling revelation—Paulina, at the tender age of 12, discovers that her father is not her biological parent. This unsettling revelation propels her into a 25-year quest to unmask the elusive figure who gave her life. Armed with nothing but a name and an unshakeable belief that “The Truth is Out There,” she embarks on a Cold Case investigation that spans decades.

As the plot thickens, Paulina intricately weaves in original music, captivating characters, and spot-on impressions to lighten the shadows that dance across the narrative. The stage transforms into a realm where each note, every character, and every lead is a clue waiting to be uncovered.

Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in a  law enforcement household, Paulina adopts the investigative techniques learned from observing detectives like Poirot and J.B. Fletcher. With a nod to the paranormal investigative prowess of Mulder and Scully, she incorporates their otherworldly flair into a real-world mystery that is as personal as it is perplexing. Paulina compares being adopted by Appalachians to being abducted by aliens, which sometimes seems more appealing, as her case draws on.

In this enthralling quest, Paulina’s journey is intertwined with unexpected allies. FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, a beacon of truth-seeking in the supernatural, lends his expertise. The iconic Country Singer Dolly Parton, with her soulful melodies and wisdom, becomes a guiding light in the rural expanse. The stage is set with an ensemble of characters, each holding a piece of the puzzle, as Paulina seeks answers against the backdrop of the Appalachian mystery, waiting for an answer that would finally be revealed.

Paulina poses a profound question: Why do we go to the ends of the Earth to apprehend the perpetrators of life-ending crimes, yet hesitate to traverse the same distances in pursuit of the person who gave us life? This question reverberates through the performance, challenging audiences to ponder the complexities of identity and the relentless pursuit of truth.

“Adopted by Appalachians” is not a dark descent, but a thrilling exploration illuminated by original music, vibrant characters, and humorous impressions. Paulina seamlessly balances the gravity of her quest with moments of levity, ensuring that the audience remains enthralled while navigating the trials of this compelling mystery.

This one-person show is a live experience like no other, drawing the audience into a world where every revelation feels like turning the pages of a gripping mystery novel. As the investigation unfolds, laughter intertwines with suspense, creating an atmosphere that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

In “Adopted by Appalachians,” Paulina Combow invites you to become a detective in her pursuit of identity. Follow the leads, decipher the clues, and join her in a quest that transcends time and geography. This is not just a performance; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of a mystery that unravels the threads of the past to reveal the enigma of self.

Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and entertained as the stage transforms into a tapestry of intrigue, and the truth becomes a beacon in the dark expanse of “Adopted by Appalachians.”

“ADOPTED BY APPALACHIANS” Hollywood Fringe Festival

Event Dates:

Saturday, June 08, 20242:30 pm Pacific
4:30 pm Central
5:30 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 16, 20247:00 pm Pacific
9:00 pm Central
10:00 pm Eastern
Sunday, June 23, 20245:30 pm Pacific
7:30 pm Central
8:30 pm Eastern


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